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Constitution Day

This is a discussion of issues surrounding Constitution Day.


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  1. As promised, my faculty listserv response prior to being ‘squelched’:

    Okay, I’ll bite:

    I find myself moved to respond to the ‘tyranny of the majority’, which pervades our culture-not just at UNCP. In a country where 47% of voting adults believe that the earth is less than 7,000 years old (Bergmann, 1999), we should not reinforce ‘sloppy thinking’ in a university-sanctioned event. It’s not a question of ‘am I offended?’ when someone mentions …”in Jesus’ name,” etc. It’s more a question of ‘is this really necessary’? Especially given that we are the only ‘western nation’ with this degree of shoddy reasoning among its voting public. We belong to a university community. We should be setting a solid rational example of what thoughtful people can do.

    Would a ceremony of respectful convening be lessened if we chose to not invoke a God or God’s blessings, which are guaranteed to offend or disturb and draw away from the larger significance of the event for some members of the audience or participants? There are some who think that prayers are offered to that which never existed only, you know. Some would consider the purposeful mention of deities mean-spirited at worst, and quaint at best.

    When I earn my doctorate, it will matter less that Zeus has been called to my aid, than that I am considered to have earned the degree and allowed to practice my profession.

    As for the constitution; bravo! Read on, and often. Thank you Dr. Freeman, for doing this for the UNCP community.

    Ken Brandt
    Astronomy Lecturer, UNCP
    Robeson Planetarium and Science Center Director
    JPL/NASA Solar System Educator

    Comment by Ken Brandt — September 12, 2012 @ 4:04 pm

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