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This is a discussion of improving the readability and accessibility of the Faculty Handbook.


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  1. A couple of years ago, when I was the chair of the Faculty and Institutional Affairs Committee (FIAC), we discussed this issue. The FIAC decided that a true electronic Handbook was needed. An electronic Handbook would need to be designed/organized for that purpose and would not consist of a mere internet posting of our existing Handbook (which we’d already been doing for years at that point and we didn’t feel was adequate.)

    The minutes of the FIAC show it passed the following recommendation on January 18, 2007:

    The chair of the Faculty Senate should create an ad hoc committee to oversee the
    reorganization of the UNCP Faculty Manual into an electronic document. This committee will be responsible for: 1. oversight of the basic structure of the new document (realizing the senate and all relevant committees and sub-committees must approve it at a later date). 2. Identification and retention of an individual to compose and edit the
    document. 3. Negotiations with the Provost concerning funding of the project.

    This recommendation was passed unanimously by the Faculty Senate on Feb 7, 2007 according to Senate minutes.

    If I ever knew, I don’t remember now who Senate Chair Zeigler named to this ad hoc committee. Anyone out there remember being on this committee? If so, what happened? Is this project still being worked on behind the scenes? Did we get funding for it during the 2007-2008 year or in spring of 2007?

    If no one is around who remembers being on this committee, should this issue be taken up again? (I realize funding would be iffy this year.) I’m not really sure what the protocol would be. Should the current Senate direct its Chair to act on this recommendation now and name an ad hoc committee? Or would this whole process (FIAC discussion and voting to recommend to Senate, discussion and voting by Senate) have to start all over again? I’m curious about the “follow-up protocol” if a resolution passes the Senate requesting formation of an ad hoc committee or action by some body or existing committee. In other words, if evidence of or records from a requested ad hoc committee can’t be found later, would the current senate be obligated to name a new committee? I’m wondering about this general issue because things do seem to occasionally fall through the cracks–perhaps due to our academic year schedule, or perhaps due to frequently changing Senate/standing committee chairs.

    Also, should ad hoc committees named by the senate be asked to post minutes to the senate web page so that it is possible to track what actions these committees took? I don’t think we have any requirement or expectation that that will be done (other than by the “standing” ad hoc Promotion and Tenure Review Committee.)

    Comment by Libby Denny — November 4, 2008 @ 8:17 am

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